Study Guide

Minor Characters in Marcelo in the Real World

By Francisco X. Stork

Minor Characters

Jerry Garcia

Arturo's former classmate at Harvard Law and Ixtel's attorney, he practices in Jamaica Plain, a largely Latino neighborhood in Boston. Although he makes nowhere near Arturo's salary, he knows he's doing the right thing in helping the less fortunate.

Robert Steely

Mr. Steely's an attorney who gets fired from Sandoval and Holmes for (a) being "too soft," and (b) questioning Mr. Holmes (how dare he!). He tells Marcelo about the 36th box of Vidromek documents, which adds a whole new dimension to the plot.


Jasmine's father, Amos is a farmer and fisherman in Vermont who suffers from dementia.

Jonah Shackleton

He's one of the brothers who lives near Amos in Vermont and has a crush on Jasmine, big-time.

Cody Shackleton

Jonah's brother is the former best friend of Jasmine's deceased brother.

Samuel Shackleton

Jonah and Cody's father owns the bull that shunned Amos's cow.

Sister Juana

She's the nun from El Salvador who runs the Sisters of Mercy convent, where Ixtel lives.

Stephen Holmes

Arturo's partner at Sandoval and Holmes, he's only slightly less awful than his son. We only really see him once, when he invites Marcelo into his office and calls him "Gump." What's wrong with this family, anyway?


Stephen Holmes' stuck-up secretary and Jasmine's antagonist, Juliet may or may not have fooled around with Wendell on his yacht.