Study Guide

Marked Transformation

By P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast


Being a teenager is hard enough, with all the physical and social changes you're facing—who'd want to turn into a vampyre on top of that? But it's what Zoey is stuck facing in Marked, dealing with typical teenage problems (think: boys) in addition to vampyre fledgling problems (think: bloodlust). Her body and spirit are transforming, and Zoey's never sure who or what she's becoming. The thing is, though, that she doesn't seem to have a choice in the matter, any more than a caterpillar can choose not to become a butterfly. So get ready to watch her spread her wings.

Questions About Transformation

  1. Why do you think Zoey's an early bloomer when it comes to various facets of the Change, such as bloodlust and her Mark being filled in?
  2. How does being Marked change Zoey's various social relationships?
  3. Which aspects of the transformations fledglings undergo do you think are the freakiest? Why?
  4. Which characters seem most accepting of the transformations in Zoey's life?

Chew on This

The transformations that fledglings undergo can be read as a metaphor for the changes every (non-magical) teenager faces.

Zoey is at her strongest when she embraces rather than fights the changes happening to her.