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Master Harold... and the boys Writing Style

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Writing Style

Conversational, Colloquial

As an intimate drama about three people, Fugard writes in an informal, conversational way to show the close relationship between the characters. Colloquial South African phrases like "Ja" and "Boet Sam" pop up throughout the play, and for much of the action there's an easy familiarity among the characters.

WILLIE. (In total agreement) You was gliding with style, Boet Sam.

HALLY. (Cheerfully) How's it, chaps?

SAM. Okay, Hally.

WILLIE. (Springing to attention like a soldier and saluting) At your service, master Harold!

HALLY. Not long to the big event, hey! (7).

As things begin to darken, the Sam's ialogue gets a but more formal at times, because he's watching what he says so as not to lose his cool. But even during times of conflict, the dialogue continues to be very direct and familiar.

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