Study Guide

Matched Tone

By Ally Condie


Curious, Questioning, Intrigued, Surprised

Throughout the book, Cassia is constantly learning new things, making discoveries, and seeking out new information—even before she starts questioning the Society, she eagerly anticipates finding out her Match. And the more she learns about how things are, the more she wants to know, so she is constantly saying things like, "I can't wait to see him and ask him about his story" (17.3). Cassia's curiosity just grows and grows, as does her intrigue with the world she lives in.

The passion stirred in her by the poetry she's given prompts her to seek out more and treat each line as a special treat. She's intrigued by the new knowledge about the world her friendship with Ky brings her, and she's often surprised by what she discovers, both about the world and about herself—at one point she says, "Somewhat shocked by my own thoughts, I take a step back" (19.24). As such, the story is a constant discovery for the reader, who gets to explore the world alongside Cassia. Her mind is being opened in this tale, and the tone follows suit.

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