Study Guide

Matched Chapter 12

By Ally Condie

Chapter 12

  • Cassia's at work again, and Norah tells her the Officials were impressed with her performance on her sorting test, and that they'll be coming by to give her another test themselves sometime. This is a good sign—she might be eligible for one of the more desirable sorting jobs.
  • New sorting activity today—patterns in the Match pool data (eye color, hair color, height, weight). Cassia gets distracted during the eye portion thinking of Ky's eyes—what color are they, really? She makes her first error in three months.
  • Cassia walks home with her father. Finally away from the observant Port at home, she tells him the truth about Grandfather's poem; he tells her she did the right thing.
  • Cassia's dad confesses that he didn't lose Grandfather's tissue sample—he destroyed it immediately at Grandfather's request. Grandfather wanted to die on his own terms.

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