Study Guide

Matched Chapter 16

By Ally Condie

Chapter 16

  • Ky is teaching Cassia to write her name in cursive, and she is fascinated by this strange form of writing. She starts sharing the poems with him, so both of them will be able to remember the words.
  • Ky slips Cassia a napkin (which she can easily dispose of) before she leaves. When she goes home and looks, she finds two self-portraits of Ky—one younger, looking up, and one older, looking down. The inscription reads, "which one is the true one, I don't ask, they don't tell. Two lives." Mysterious…
  • Cassia chats with an Official over the port. Normally Matches get to have a port-to-port meeting at this point in the process, but since she and Xander live next door to each other, this seems silly. So they get a real date—just the two of them, some romance… and an Official as chaperone. Yay.
  • Before curfew, Cassia has brief conversations outside with both Xander and Ky. Ky returns her compact. She starts to feel torn between the two boys.

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