Study Guide

Matched Chapter 18

By Ally Condie

Chapter 18

  • Xander and Cassia return from their date to spot Officials leaving Em's house—they rush over only to find out that everyone's artifacts are being confiscated.
  • Xander offers to hide Cassia's artifact to save it. She runs inside to grab it, but (unbeknownst to Xander) decides to give him Ky's compass instead—since this artifact isn't registered, it's less likely to be missed. Cassia and Xander have a dramatic kiss so no one notices Cassia handing it over.
  • The Officials come to confiscate Cassia's compact and Bram's artifact, Grandfather's watch. Bram is distraught but shows a brave face for the Officials. They are welcome to go see their artifacts in the museum display cases at any time. Yippee.
  • The one bright spot in Cassia's night is that she notices that Ky gave her another napkin drawing, revealing another piece of himself.

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