Study Guide

Matched Chapter 19

By Ally Condie

Chapter 19

  • Xander tells Cassia where the artifact is hidden—it's buried under Ky's flowerbeds. Oh, the irony.
  • Hiking time, Shmoopsters. Today we're on a new hill, and everyone gets partners. Ky and Cassia are paired together since they're the fastest—naturally, Livy's jealous.
  • Their assignment is to mark obstacles with bags because the hill's getting paved which is, you know, pretty depressing.
  • As soon as they're alone, Cassia tells Ky where his artifact is. He confesses he was worried sick she might have gotten in trouble because of it—when Cassia sees the dark circles under his eyes, suddenly her heart is alive with the sound of music.
  • But then she has to explain that Xander helped her and that kind of kills the moment.
  • But then Ky tells her he wasn't teaching Livy to write, just drawing trees in the dirt as a cover story. And Cassia's heart sings again.
  • Cassia shares the rest of the "Do Not Go Gentle" poem, and Ky teaches her to write the rest of her name and gives her some more napkin-art. All is well, though we don't know how they managed to get any obstacle marking done amongst all their flirtatious exchanges.

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