Study Guide

Matched Chapter 2

By Ally Condie

Chapter 2

  • False alarm. The black screen was because her Match is in this very room… It's Xander.
  • Cassia gets a little box with a microchip full of intel on Xander (except she probably knows it all since they're BFFs and all). Congratulations abound.
  • Apparently this same-city Matching is unusual, and the hostess tells them things will proceed a bit differently for them.
  • Cassia is mostly thrilled, but feels a tiny pang of jealousy for how new and exciting it'll be for her friends to learn about their Matches.
  • Upon returning home from the banquet, Cassia shares the news with her ten-year-old brother, Bram. Banter ensues.
  • Cassia plays with her emergency tablets. She knows what the blue and green ones do, but has only heard rumors about the red.

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