Study Guide

Matched Chapter 20

By Ally Condie

Chapter 20

  • Cassia's mom's back from her trip, and Dad's put in a special request for an early dinner and walk with Bram, so Cassia and Mom can have girls' night at home. Mom's excited to hear all about Cassia's first date.
  • We get some vague information about Mom's trip. She had to go visit another Arboretum and some farmlands, and write up a report about some crops. Hmm.
  • Cassia spends some time with Ky's latest napkin-art (which depicts his parents, dead… how morbid) before heading to the game center, which is suspiciously lacking in Officials. So… where are they all?
  • Xander challenges Ky to a game of chance. Livy shows up to watch, and Cassia tries to hide her jealousy. Tie score.
  • Cassia and Xander walk around alone, and Xander lets her in on a secret—he thinks Ky throws games of skill, which is why tonight he challenged him to a game of chance instead.
  • When they return, Ky challenges Xander to a game of skill. Oh, how overwhelmed we are with all the metaphors here. Ky looks like he might finally win it, but at the last minute Xander overtakes him. Ky meets Cassia's gaze as he places his last game piece, and she knows it's true—he's throwing the games. But why?

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