Study Guide

Matched Chapter 21

By Ally Condie

Chapter 21

  • Officials come to see Cassia at work. They tell her she did really well on her previous sorting test, and they'll be coming back sometime soon to take her on a real-life sorting test. Really, they needed to show up in person to tell her this? Couldn't have sent a message?
  • Mom's leaving on another trip. Cassia notices she's taken her green pill. Hmm… those crops must be pretty stressful.
  • Hiking time. Ky tells Cassia the story of Sisyphus, who rebelled against Society and was punished by having to push a heavy rock up a hill, over and over.
  • Cassia asks why Ky throws the games—"'I have to,'" he says.
  • We know you've been dying to know what color Ky's eyes are—according to him they're blue, but according to Cassia they're everything. She realizes she's in love.
  • Ky confesses his Aberration status. They hold hands, and Cassia realizes, "I cannot go gently now."

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