Study Guide

Matched Chapter 24

By Ally Condie

Chapter 24

  • Cassia wonders to Ky how their relationship could possibly ever work and Ky tells her about the Prisoners' Dilemma and how the safest option is always for both people to keep each other's secrets. Okay, sure, but not sure how that applies to all the Officials watching you.
  • Flashback time (again): It's Bram's first day of school, and he's crying at the train stop and doesn't want to go. Cassia worries he'll get in trouble, so she tells him she'll teach him to play games on his scribe.
  • Ky tells her this is when he first knew her—he saw how much she cared about her brother and that she was smart enough to invent games for him. Aw…
  • When asked when she first knew about him, Cassia lies and says the first day on the hill. She doesn't want him to know that she "didn't see him till they told [her] to look."

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