Study Guide

Matched Chapter 25

By Ally Condie

Chapter 25

  • Cassia and Ky continue to share secrets. Ky tells her of a black market for poetry and art—people called Archivists have squirreled away some culture not chosen for the Hundred. This is where Ky got the poem (or half-stanza, really).
  • Ky won't tell her what he traded, but it's not the compass or their poem. If she ever needs to trade, he tells her, all she has to do is go to the museum basement and stand in front of the exhibit about the Glorious History of the Oria Province.
  • Cassia finally asks what we've all been dying to know—why he was crying at the movies. He says that it was real footage from one of the Outer Provinces—it could have been his village.
  • Cassia shows off her writing skills and writes, "I love you" in the sand. Ky says it aloud, and then they share a real kiss.
  • And curtain.

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