Study Guide

Matched Chapter 27

By Ally Condie

Chapter 27

  • Cassia's mom knows about Ky.
  • Mom tells her why she worried the maple trees were a warning to her—her work trips were to determine whether growers in another Province were planting edible crops that could be used for a rebellion. She was torn about what to do, then realized the right answer was to turn them in and keep her family safe. Hint hint, Cassia.
  • Ky tells Cassia of uprisings on the Province borders. And another big reveal—the officials told him about the supposed Match mix-up. And that were he not to be an Aberration, he'd be paired with Cassia.
  • Cassia's angry that he only saw her because they told him to look, and wonders now if their whole love affair was orchestrated by the Officials.
  • Cassia runs away to eat lunch with Xander, and since it's unplanned, she has to grab an extra meal instead of eating her individual portion. It's definitely a lot larger than what she's been getting. And it's not like she's fat or anything. Huh…
  • Cassia confesses all to Xander—the microcard mix-up and falling in love with Ky. Xander, understandably, is distraught.

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