Study Guide

Matched Chapter 29

By Ally Condie

Chapter 29

  • Screams fill Mapletree Borough in the morning again, but this time they're human and coming from Aida Markham. Officials are taking Ky away, his hands bound together. It's for his new work assignment, they say. Right.
  • Cassia runs to follow Ky to the train and their eyes meet, though they are unable to hear each other over the train.
  • "'Lies,'" says Patrick Markham. The war against the Enemy in the Outer Provinces isn't going well, so they're sending Aberrations out to fight because all the villagers out there are dead. "'It's a death sentence,'" asserts Patrick. The words ring in Cassia's ears.
  • All the folks out on the streets in the Borough are told to take their red tablets, one by one. We learn what the red tablet does—it erases memories. No wonder no one remembers what it does…
  • Cassia realizes what's happening and pretends to take her tablet, instead stomping it into the grass. Her Official notices but doesn't say anything—she wants Cassia to remember what she's done.

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