Study Guide

Matched Chapter 31

By Ally Condie

Chapter 31

  • Xander and Cassia chat on the front steps. Big reveal: He remembers everything; the red tablets don't work on him. Or Ky.
  • Flashback time: Xander and Ky are kids. Xander's jealous of Ky, seeing the way Cassia looks at him, so when Xander sees Ky with his unauthorized artifact, he threatens to tell unless Ky steals two red tablets.
  • Ky steals them from Xander's parents to teach him a lesson. Ky says they can each take a red tablet and start over, knowing they don't work on him. Except… it doesn't work on Xander either.
  • Cassia asks if there have been other times that everyone's taken the red tablet. He says once, but won't tell her the story.
  • Xander gives Cassia a farewell gift: a stockpile of blue tablets, just in case she needs to go on a journey or something. He knows she wants to find Ky, but still does not betray her—he wants to change things too, so they can all choose.
  • The Mapletree Borough sign has changed—it's now Garden Borough.
  • And… it's flashback time again: Cassia remembers being very young and coming home to Stony Borough where they all had paths of flat stones. She wonders what other secrets are hidden beneath the surface of this Borough.
  • Cassia's family takes the train out to their new home in the Keya farmlands. Despite taking the red pill, her father has sorted out what's happened—he knows about the fighting and that Cassia loves Ky. Her parents want her to have the life she wants, and they say they can help her have a chance. Intriguing.

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