Study Guide

Matched Chapter 7

By Ally Condie

Chapter 7

  • It's time for Grandfather's eightieth birthday a.k.a. his Final Banquet a.k.a. his death.
  • Cassia reflects on how horrible it must have been to live in that crazy world when death was uncontrolled and unpredictable and you could die at any moment. Cancer, depression… thank goodness that stuff is gone.
  • The Committee arrives early during the Banquet, and brings Grandfather a microcard with photos and stories from his life, along with a tissue preservation kit.
  • Grandfather is eligible to have a tissue sample frozen, and if the Society figures out a way to bring people back to life someday, he'll be golden. Cassia's dad is in charge of the sample.
  • They all eat a feast chosen by Grandfather, but he has a separate portion on a tray that no one else can eat.
  • Cassia gets a private moment with Grandfather to give him a gift, a letter with sentiments she's copied and pasted—Grandfather is disappointed she hasn't used her own words though, and tells her to trust them.
  • Cassia is confused—no one knows how to write their own words anymore.
  • We also find out what the deal is with the golden compact: Grandfather has a piece of paper hidden in there. He looks it over, gets emotional, and puts it back.
  • Cassia is horrified—he could get into a lot of trouble for having paper—but Grandfather tells her, "'I am giving you something you won't understand, yet. But I think you will someday. You, more than the rest'" (7.98).
  • Grandfather dies right on cue, with his family near; everyone rejoices that it was such a perfect death.

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