Study Guide

Matched Choices

By Ally Condie


In a Society like the one in Matched, that's been specifically engineered to eliminate as many choices as possible, the discovery that there are choices other than doing exactly what you're told is pretty mind-blowing. It sets up an essential conundrum—is it worth it to have choices when allowing someone else to choose for you is more likely to yield the best possible outcome? What if you were to choose wrong? Is there any value just in having that choice?

Questions About Choices

  1. If you had the option of someone telling you what to do, including what path would lead you to live the longest and have the most contentment in life, would you want to know? Or would you want to remain ignorant and make your own choices?
  2. Is Cassia really making her own choices when she believes she is, or is she making the exact choices predicted by Society's experiment?
  3. Cassia's introduction to making choices begins with Grandfather's choice to die on his own terms. How does his choice have a domino effect on the choices of other members of her family?

Chew on This

For Cassia and company, the choice not to make choices and to have them made for you is as valid as the choice to make your own choices.

Although the Society went overboard, there are certain things we shouldn't get to choose ourselves—there are others who are more qualified to make those decisions for us.

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