Study Guide

Matched Courage

By Ally Condie


In Matched, courage is all about choices. Some characters demonstrate courage by obeying the rules and keeping the people they love safe, while others show their bravery by challenging the status quo, and still others engage in small acts of bravery. Cassia has no idea which of these ways is the right way to be strong though, and spends the book oscillating between all of them. We don't blame her—deciding between protecting your family and protecting the boy you love is a pretty difficult decision.

Questions About Courage

  1. Cassia demonstrates courage at several points during this book. Does she ever demonstrate weakness?
  2. Which of Cassia's parents is most courageous in their response to the Society? Why?
  3. How does Cassia define courage? Do you agree with this definition?

Chew on This

In Matched, we see folks fighting both for causes they believe in and for causes they abhor. To stand up for what one believes requires courage—but when we see citizens stand up for a cause they don't believe in, it requires even greater courage.

For many of the characters in Matched, their most courageous moments are when they acknowledge their own weakness.

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