Study Guide

Matched Family

By Ally Condie


For most of us, we have the family we were born into and the family we choose. In the Society in Matched though, citizens have the family they were born into and… the spouse they're assigned to, and the kids they're told when to have. Despite these differences, the basics are the same—family reigns supreme for the citizens of Oria province, and threats to one's family are one of the things that keep everyone in line and following the rules. But even in a world without choices and luck, coming of age means deciding between family and following your own path.

Questions About Family

  1. We hear a lot about what family means to Cassia and her family. What other families do we hear about, and what does family mean to other characters?
  2. Cassia feels guilty for not living up to her family's expectations. Have you ever faced a tough choice between your family's expectations and a different path?
  3. In what ways are Cassia's decisions shaped by each of her family members?

Chew on This

In Matched, bending the rules for your family often shows more love than abiding by rules you don't believe in to keep them safe.

In Matched, often abiding by rules you don't believe in to keep your family safe shows more love than bending those rules and putting them in danger.

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