Study Guide

Matched Lies and Deceit

By Ally Condie

Lies and Deceit

Lies and deceit are a pretty big deal thematically in Matched. Let's face it: When you suddenly realize your entire life, Society, relationship, beliefs, and values are rooted in lies, you're probably going to freak out, right? Where do you even go from there? For Cassia, the only place to go is to start learning the truth—and the only way to do that is to start keeping secrets, telling lies, and generally deceiving Society's Officials. The only problem? Sometimes she has to deceive those she loves in the process.

Questions About Lies and Deceit

  1. Cassia's Society has lied to its citizens about pretty much everything in order to placate and control them. The book construes this as pretty evil, and we're inclined to agree. But is it ever okay for a government to lie to its citizens in order to protect them?
  2. Cassia realizes when visiting the nutrition disposal center how Society's able to maximize quality of life for its citizens—poisoning them so they die before they can suffer. Is there any humanity in this lie?
  3. Matched presents several cases of sharing your truths with those you love and trust as well as several cases of lying to those you love to protect them. Which is more valuable to love—honesty or protection?
  4. At the start of the book, Cassia is honest to a fault and completely transparent with Society's Officials. Why does she have such a turnaround by the end, and would it have happened without discovering any of Society's lies?

Chew on This

Cassia's transformation is largely dependent on the fact that she doesn't get caught in her lies early on. Had she gotten caught earlier, she would have been scared into falling in line with Society's wishes.

Cassia's relationship with Ky is strengthened by the fact that it begins as a secret and a lie. Without this, it would have been far less exciting to Cassia, and she would likely have made difference choices.

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