Study Guide

Matched Rules and Order

By Ally Condie

Rules and Order

Cassia's life is all about rules and order in Matched—like, we're not even sure how she remembers them all. It's more than just the basic don't hurt people maxims—Cassia is told where to be, what to do, what to eat, and who to be with at all times. Like most people in her Society, Cassia truly believes that the rules exist for a reason and wants to live her life in accordance with them…. That is, until she gets to know Ky, and suddenly the rules don't seem to matter anymore.

Questions About Rules and Order

  1. Cassia's small acts of rebellion begin with Grandfather showing her his small act of rebellion with the poem hidden in the compact. Cassia, however, takes her rebellion much further than Grandfather. Do you think this is actually his intention in giving her the poem? Why?
  2. There are several references to the rules existing to preserve a high quality of life. Do you think safety or freedom is more crucial to a high quality of life?
  3. If Cassia had never seen Ky's face on her microcard, would she have rebelled? Or would she have lived a happy life according to the rules?
  4. Are any of the rules in Cassia's Society improvements over our own freedom?

Chew on This

Our government today is increasing in power for the purported purpose of keeping us healthy and safe. If we don't challenge this process, the end result will be a Society like Cassia's.

No matter how much the rules keep us healthy and safe, it is impossible to truly have a high quality of life without the freedom to make our own choices. Although Cassia's peers may believe they are happy, Cassia realizes they are merely ignorant.

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