Study Guide

The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues) Chapter 1

By Rick Riordan

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Chapter 1

  • Old Grace Cahill is on the verge of death, and she's about to change her will.
  • As her attorney, William McIntyre, asks her if she's sure, Grace stares out the window and pets her cat, Saladin, like she's Dr. Claw
  • She and William have a cryptic talk about secrets and children and the fate of the world. Typical grandma talk.
  • After Grace dies, William McIntyre tells a mysterious man in black to "Make sure they suspect nothing" (1.1).
  • The man in black (not Johnny Cash) responds, "They'll never a clue" (1.25). Oh, really? We think they're about to get one. Or 39.

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