Study Guide

Eddie in Meridian

By Alice Walker


Eddie's the kind of dude who plays Madden with his bros on his anniversary; the kind of dude who sends awkward Facebook messages to his girlfriend's friends; the kind of dude who acts manly but is really just a little momma's boy inside.

In other words, Eddie isn't going to be winning a "Husband of the Year" award anytime soon.

Meridian's marriage to Eddie hammers home the point that marriage is not for Meridian. Eddie seems like he'd be swell friend. After all, he definitely "had certain loveable characteristics" that reminded her of a "white cheerleader's delight" (1.7.7). As a husband, though? No good.

Eddie treats Meridian like his mom, demanding that his clothes be "starched and ironed after every second wearing" because he was "'used to clean clothes'" (1.8.7). Likewise, he starts seeking out affairs as soon as Meridian shows the slightest disinterest in sex. You have to remember, though, that Eddie, like Meridian, is still a kid. Teenage boys aren't exactly renowned for their maturity.

So consider this to be a cautionary tale—that is, if a bazillion seasons of Teen Mom haven't done that for you already.