Study Guide

Julie Kikuchi in Middlesex

By Jeffrey Eugenides

Julie Kikuchi

The Juliet to Cal's Romeo

We only get select glimpses at Julie Kikuchi as present-day Cal slowly courts her. He describes her as "irreverent without being crude" (2.5.7), and quotes her as saying, "Beauty is always freakish" (3.1.10). Just from those two lines, she seems like a perfect fit for Cal.

However, Julie is almost the girl-that-never-was. Cal fears connection with Julie because he fears being honest with her, particularly about his body. They even sleep in separate rooms on their trip to Pomerania. (We're not sure what they're doing there. Dog shopping?)

Cal eventually comes clean with Julie and—surprise!—Julie doesn't mind that Cal has a different anatomy from other boys. In fact, she almost seems into it. We think these two crazy kids just might work out.