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Midwinterblood Tough-o-Meter

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(3) Base Camp

Since Midwinterblood is written for young adults, the text is super readable and engaging—it's designed to captivate teens, after all—but this doesn't mean it's child's play. See, the story is told in reverse chronological order, which can be a little tough at times. It took us a bit to get our bearings, but we kept on trucking, and it totally paid off as we watched everything fall magically into place with each turn of the page.

Here's the key to your reading success: Don't skim this book. You never know when you're about to read some little detail that will become majorly important down the road, and by reading closely, you set yourself up to take in each and every eureka moment. We don't mean to freak you out, though—if you're able to make it through Fight Club or Inception with your brain in tact, then you'll get through this story with no problem.

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