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Midwinterblood Plot Analysis

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Plot Analysis

Since Midwinterblood doesn't just tell one story, but seven, it doesn't always flow super smoothly through a classic plot analysis. Here, we focus mainly on the first and last stories, which take place in 2073. Everything else is treated as backstory. But that doesn't mean that the other parts of the book don't each have their own mini plots with unique twists and turns, conflicts and resolutions. Can you spot them all?


A Stranger in a Strange Land

Eric Seven arrives on Blessed Island and, boy, is this place unusual. Also, is it kind of weird that he feels like he's been here before and met some of these people? Yeah, it kind of is, right?

Rising Action

Magical Mystery Island Tour

The folks on Blessed Island are up to something. Eric Seven already suspects that they might be illegally manufacturing an immorality potion, but that's not all that's going down here. Why is everyone so interested in him? Why are the maps missing the western half of the island? What's up with all the tea? Just what, exactly, are these people trying to hide? So many questions, so few answers…


Surprise: It's a Human Sacrifice

Just as he's started to figure out some of the mysteries of this island, Eric Seven is seized by Tor and some islanders and hauled over to a stone table to be used as a human sacrifice. As the knife is about to fall, Eric wonders, Hey, haven't I done all this before? Total déjà vu.

More Exposition

See You in the Next Life

This cliffhanger is the perfect time to get in a little backstory, right? Totally. Throughout the rest of the novel, we learn that Eric and Merle have lived seven lifetimes together. Whoa. And all that weird stuff about past connections, hares, and dragon orchids is really making a whole lot more sense now.

Falling Action

Escape from the Island of the Crazies

Back in good old 2073, Eric is still about to be murdered on the stone table. Merle asks to have the knife, but instead of plunging it into Eric, she slashes at Tor and the islanders who are holding him down. Eric and Merle escape from the temple and run toward the shore where Merle has a getaway boat waiting. Yay.


Death Becomes Them

Sadly, their escape is super short-lived. Eric and Merle are quickly re-captured and hauled back to the stone table. As they die together, they remember the beautiful moments of love and happiness that they have shared over seven lifetimes together and begin a new journey as they die in perfect love. Aw.

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