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Midwinterblood Part 1, Chapter 10

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Part 1, Chapter 10

  • Back home, Eric sleeps for a long time.
  • When he wakes up, breakfast is ready and he sees a note suggesting he take a swim on the south pier.
  • Now, that's a lovely idea.
  • Eric can't remember if he's ever been this far south on the island. He also doesn't remember that's he's completely lost track of time even though he's only been on Blessed Island for a few days. Eh, that's just a little thing.
  • Once he makes it to the pier, he undresses and slips into the sea.
  • He swims for a while and then notices that Merle is with him in the water. She swims over to him, touches his hand, and whispers, "I followed you."
  • They laugh and swim out further and dive under the waves together.
  • Suddenly, Eric realizes that this is all kind of ridiculous… but familiar. Have they done this before? A long time ago maybe?
  • When they climb out of the water, they dry in the sun and hold hands. Eric wonders if he would love Merle if she were someone else and decides that of course he would—she would still be Merle.
  • Isn't this all a little weird? Eric wonders.
  • Sure, but is it any weirder than anything else that happens? Merle asks him. It's a fair point.
  • Then Merle glances at her watch and realizes she has to leave. Eric stays on the rocks after she leaves and just thinks about her and the way she makes him feel. He's got it bad.
  • As he heads home, Eric can't help but feeling that there's something he's supposed to be doing. When he arrives in his kitchen, there's a jar of tea sitting on the table and he decides to brew himself a nice pot. Good idea.
  • Yeah, that will help him remember.

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