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Midwinterblood Part 1, Chapter 7

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Part 1, Chapter 7

  • Eric's pretty glad to get out of there. Why does Tor bother him so much? Eric still can't figure it out.
  • He decides to canvas the island. If the folks on Blessed Island are mass-producing some kind of immortality potion with the dragon orchids, then Eric's got to be able to find a huge field of those creepy flowers somewhere. He's on the case.
  • Eric starts off on the bike and laughs when he thinks about how his work as a journalist has taken him to dangerous places all over the world, but now he's somewhere lovely and beautiful.
  • Back home, he doesn't have any really close friends—if he died, it would be weeks before anyone knew. Such a cheery thought.
  • He cruises around the island and hardly ever has to peddle. What a pleasant little adventure this is. When Eric stops at the quay by the sea, Merle is waiting for him. Things are just getting better and better.
  • They talk for a moment and Eric wonders why he's so ineloquent around her; Merle touches his arm and tells him, "I found you." When Eric mentions Tor, though, dude suddenly appears.
  • "Forthwith the devil did appear," Merle says, "for name him and he's always near," which is basically the same as saying speak of the devil. Harsh words for Tor.
  • Tor asks to speak with Merle and Eric peddles off wondering what Merle meant about finding him. Maybe there's something in the water on Blessed Island that make you cryptic.

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