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Midwinterblood Part 2, Chapter 5

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Part 2, Chapter 5

  • Edward is not focused on his trench at all—he really wants to see what's up with the mound the girls are digging in. What will they find?
  • After lunch, Isabella cries out that she's discovered something.
  • It's a cairn, a small pile of stones marking something underneath the dirt. Edward is pretty psyched. This means there's something underneath and in this mound; he's guessing it's a Viking burial ground. Yay.
  • This cairn is smaller than the ones Edward has seen in the past, so there will probably be only one body inside, but still—archeologists love dead bodies.
  • The entire time they spend carefully digging up the stones, Eric watches without saying a thing and holding his little stuffed hare the whole time.
  • Finally, they get down to a stone box with a stone lid. An ancient coffin. The four of them try to lift the lid, but they can't get it off; it's too heavy.
  • Eric approaches them and Edward asks if he'd like to help. The boy is so strong that he's able to lift the lid off almost without help.
  • Inside the coffin, they see bones. After a moment they realize the grave is holding two sets of skeletons—one larger and one smaller. And, oddly enough, it looks like the arms of the adult skeleton are wrapped around the other, which looks like it belonged to a child.
  • Eric steps back. No one hears him, but he mutters under his breath, "Well, so it is."

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