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Midwinterblood Part 3, Chapter 10

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Part 3, Chapter 10

  • David is feeling better. He thinks it might be all that good tea he's been drinking, though it is making him a tiny bit sleepy.
  • That night, David is getting ready for bed when Rebecka and Benjamin come into his room.
  • Benjamin tells David he heard that there are men on the mainland looking for David who want to rescue him. They're trying to get the word out—if David is alive, he should come to the tavern in Skarpness.
  • David is thrilled, but then he wonders how he'll get to Skarpness. Broken ankle, remember?
  • Rebecka explains that he will take their rowboat tomorrow night. He'll be able to see by the light of the grain moon and the lights on Skarpness will tell him where to head.
  • David is worried that Erik might object to the plan, but Rebecka tells him that Erik has already approved everything. David needs to take the boat; it's his only chance.

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