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Midwinterblood Part 3, Chapter 11

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Part 3, Chapter 11

  • The next day, David gets everything prepared and Rebecka wraps his ankle. Everyone is clearly tense about what they're about to do.
  • Except Erik, who's not around.
  • At 10:00PM, Erik walks into the house to collect David. He is about to say his goodbyes when Benjamin bursts into the house and announces that there are soldiers in the village looking for David.
  • David and Erik rush out of the house and down toward the dock; they see some soldiers, though, and decide to hide out in the boathouse before setting out.
  • They wait for a while until Erik suddenly tells David to take the boat and go.
  • David objects—he'll get shot if the men see him trying to run.
  • Then, for some reason, Erik asks about David's daughter. How old is she?
  • She's twelve. The same age Erik's daughter Sarah would have been.
  • Erik helps David into the boat and returns his gun to him. Turns out, he didn't toss it into the sea after all. Tricky.
  • Outside the boathouse, they can hear the enemy soldiers getting closer. Erik rushes out from the boathouse and makes noise to draw the soldiers away from David as he begins to row out to sea.
  • From the water, David can see Erik running along the coastline. He sees a torchlight spot Erik and hears a blast of gunfire.
  • That's it for Erik.

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