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Midwinterblood Part 3, Chapter 4

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Part 3, Chapter 4

  • When David wakes up, he's lying in bed. Benjamin went back to retrieve David's supplies and Rebecka gave him some morphine from his emergency kit, which put him right to sleep.
  • Erik doesn't much like David or his presence in their house, but he agreed to let the airman stay last night. They even hid his parachute.
  • Now that David is awake again, he can hear arguing downstairs. A door slams and a few minutes later, Rebecka appears in his bedroom door.
  • She has come to check on him and David lets her know how grateful he is for their kindness. His ankle is still throbbing like crazy.
  • David notices that they've undressed him before getting him up to bed; his clothes are neatly folded in a pile on a chair. Before he drifts off to sleep again he notices something: His gun is missing. Oh, no.

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