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Midwinterblood Part 4, Chapter 12

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Part 4, Chapter 12

  • That day, Bridget goes to check on Eric, but asks Merle to stay at home.
  • Bridget finds him sitting in a chair in front of his painting, dead and with a paintbrush still in his hand.
  • He must have died from grief. He'd given everything for that painting—he'd most certainly sacrificed. Who's outdated now, National Museum?
  • Suddenly, Merle comes in the door. She's followed her mother and sees Eric.
  • The two sit there for a moment trying to absorb what has happened. Finally, Merle points to the painting.
  • The brush in Eric's hand is still wet. He's added one last detail to the painting: Next to the king about to die is a small figure, a girl holding out an apple.
  • And her face is definitely Merle's.

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