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Midwinterblood Part 4, Chapter 3

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Part 4, Chapter 3

  • Finally Merle sees the dragons—fields of them.
  • Bridget tells Merle that they should cut as many as they can carry; the flowers won't be in season much longer, and they can dry some for later.
  • Merle asks if the flowers are poisonous and Bridget tells her that they are, in a way.
  • After an hour, mother and daughter have cut enough flowers and they start to walk back to the eastern half of the island by a different route.
  • Merle sees a building that looks a bit like a church in the distance and she wants to know who lives there.
  • Bridget tells her to stay away because that's the home of a dragon who eats little girls for lunch. Watch out, Merle.
  • That night, before bed, Merle asks more about the dragon who lives in the house.
  • Bridget explains that actually an old man lives there. He used to be a very famous and rich painter, but not anymore; in fact, he hasn't painted anything in years.
  • In any case, he's not friendly and Bridget doesn't want Merle hanging around there. Got it, young lady?
  • Of course. But, one little look wouldn't hurt, would it?

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