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Midwinterblood Part 4, Chapter 7

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Part 4, Chapter 7

  • The next day, Merle picks six apples: three for the old painter and three for her.
  • Bridget is pretty tired that night. She's been working on getting the dragon orchids ready for three days straight, working fast so they don't lose their potency.
  • Merle thinks about giving her mother one of the painter's apples. But, then she'd have to explain where she got them from, which would not go over well.
  • Because moms are mind readers, though, Bridget asks about the old man. Merle hasn't gone to his house, right? That wouldn't be a good idea.
  • Of course not, Merle lies.
  • The next day, she's back on the western side of the island. But, this time, her three apples are still sitting on the old painter's doorstep.
  • Merle knows that's not right, so she knocks on the man's door. No one answers. She knocks louder, but nothing.
  • So Merle walks around the house until she finds another door that's unlocked and lets herself in—into the dragon's lair.
  • Inside, she finds the old painter lying on the floor.
  • Merle rushes back to grab her mother for help. So much for her secret trips.

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