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Midwinterblood Part 5, Chapter 1

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Part 5, Chapter 1

The Unquiet Grave

  • This next story takes place in October of 1848. Judging by the title (and the time of year), it looks pretty spooky, too. Flashlights ready? Let's go.
  • The tale opens with a pair of twins—a boy and a girl—who are getting ready for bed. Back at home in Germany, the two children were quite a handful, but now that they've come to stay on Blest Island they've settled down a whole lot. Oh, magic.
  • Their father, Herr Graf, is a pretty big deal composer, but got sick recently. His doctor advised Herr Graf and family to travel to Blest Island because of the rumors that the island had healing powers. And the rumors turned out to be true.
  • The twins are really enjoying their time on the island. Laura, the lady their parents have hired to look after them, is a big part of that.
  • Every night, Laura puts them to bed by telling them a really good story, and tonight—because the hunter's moon is shining—the tale will be a ghost story.
  • The twins are thrilled and they blow out their candle and get ready to listen.

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