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Midwinterblood Part 5, Chapter 2

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Part 5, Chapter 2

  • The story, Laura explains, takes place on this very island (of course) and it's hundreds of years old, but she assures the children that everything she's about to tell them is one hundred percent true and accurate. Ooh…
  • Once upon a time, there were two lovers named Erik and Merle.
  • Erik was a fisherman and he first saw Merle when she was standing on the dock by the sea with her father. They took one look at each other and fell head over heels; it was love at first sight.
  • Merle's father noticed the two lovebirds and wondered what was up. See, he was super rich and couldn't have his daughter making dreamy eyes at some stinky fisherman.
  • But Merle assured her father that their love-at-first-sight glance was no big deal.
  • Erik was pretty nervous, though—he knew that their love was going to cause some pretty big problems.
  • Laura pauses for a second. She tells the children that their parents might not like her telling them this story because it's so spooky, so maybe it's best they don't mention it to Mom and Dad.
  • Of course, the children agree, and Laura continues.

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