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Midwinterblood Part 5, Chapter 3

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Part 5, Chapter 3

  • Laura's story goes on: Merle's father knew she was beautiful, so he always kept a close watch on her. She didn't have any friends and there really wasn't anything to do on the island.
  • Sometimes Merle would take long walks around the island; when she walked in the cool grass in the meadows, the hem of her dress would get wet.
  • But her favorite place to walk was by the seaside. She was hoping to catch a glimpse of Erik and his boat one of these days.
  • One night, there was a big storm out at sea and Merle was really worried. When she said Erik's name out loud, he appeared behind her—"Say his name and his horns appear," she told him.
  • It turned out Erik hadn't gone out in the storm. Merle admitted that she was worried about him and Erik offered to walk her home. Swoon.
  • Merle had to decline, though, since her father would not approve one bit.
  • As she walked home by herself, she noticed Erik following her in the distance. Like a ghost. Creepy.
  • He followed her to the house where he asked her what she meant about the "say his name and his horns appear" comment.
  • Oh, that's just what you say, Merle explained—besides, it's kind of her catchphrase.
  • Am I some kind of beast? Erik asked and then he kissed her.
  • Um, yeah, Merle told him once they finished locking lips, a beast that "will be the death of [her]."

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