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Midwinterblood Part 5, Chapter 6

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Part 5, Chapter 6

  • The twins instantly understand: Erik drowned himself? they ask, and Laura nods.
  • Erik knew that he and Merle could never be together; Merle's father had threatened Erik and his whole family, too. Erik knew he could get away with it, so he decided this was the best course of action.
  • Merle, of course, freaked out.
  • When Erik was buried, Merle went to the funeral. Her father couldn't stop her and she didn't care if people gossiped about her.
  • Afterward, she sat on Erik's grave and wept. She promised him they would be together and, by God, they were going to be—Merle would find a way.
  • Every single night, she would walk to his grave and sit there all night. Even though her father tried to stop her, she kept going. This happened every single night for an entire year.
  • Finally, something snapped in Merle's mind and she went a little but crazy. Okay, actually a whole lot crazy.
  • One night, as she was sitting on the gravesite, Merle saw a hare sitting on the grass and, because she was slightly mental, Merle thought the hare was Erik.
  • She put her hands out and the hare hopped over to her, so she bent down and gave the little guy a kiss. Then he made a break for it into the woods.
  • Merle was thrilled. Now if she could only find a way to follow Erik in his hare form…
  • And suddenly, she knew what to do. Merle set off to see the old witch that lived on the western side of the island, certain she would know how to help.

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