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Midwinterblood Part 5, Chapter 7

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Part 5, Chapter 7

  • Merle told the old witch her story and asked if she could help her.
  • The woman told Merle to come back in a week—the magic would take a little while to get going. Something tells us that a dragon orchid is involved in this somehow.
  • At the end of the week, Merle went back to see the witch, who gave her a potion to drink. The old woman told Merle to take off her clothes, drink the liquid, and then think of the form she wanted to take. When she woke up it would be done.
  • Merle walked to the graveyard and sang a song about someone mourning her dead lover. It fit the occasion pretty nicely.
  • At Erik's grave, she stripped off her clothes and drank the potion. It was painful, but Merle remembered to think of what she wanted to become: a hare.

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