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Midwinterblood Part 6, Chapter 10

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Part 6, Chapter 10

  • The next day, no one would even look at Eirik and Melle. They're the ones Tor wants. Why not just hand them over?
  • But their father had a plan. The men he was with weren't really convinced, but Wulf thought it was good. It was based on some of the old ways, so it could totally work… right?
  • Wulf took the group of men and they went to the meadow and dug up Tor's grave. It was daytime and Tor couldn't move during the day, making this the perfect time to strike.
  • Inside the grave, Tor's body hadn't decayed at all and he looked like he was sleeping. Well, except for the blood at the corners of his mouth. Gross.
  • Wulf took a huge hammer and two wooden stakes; he pounded one into Tor's chest and the other into his mouth.
  • "Try walking now," he said to his brother, then he ordered the men to cover up the grave and put it back just like it was. Now they could all forget about him. Problem solved, right?

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