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Midwinterblood Part 6, Chapter 11

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Part 6, Chapter 11

  • Afterward, there were three days were nothing weird happened. That's a long time when you're living on Bloed Isle.
  • Maybe the old stories were right—a couple of wooden stakes could hold a vampire to the ground. Nicely done.
  • But then they found another woman dead, with her throat ripped open and her blood gone.
  • That night, the children talked to each other. Eirik wondered when it would all stop; Melle didn't know. But somewhere out there, Tor was looking for them.
  • The next morning, Melle woke up and Eirik was gone.
  • She knew instantly what he had done.
  • Eirik had always been a doer whereas Melle was more of a thinker.
  • She imagined that he got up in the middle of the night and went to find Tor; then the two would have walked hand-in-hand back to the gravesite.
  • Melle admits that this plan might not have worked—Tor could have wanted both children—but in the end he was good with just one of them. The killings stopped and everything went back to normal. Well, sort of.
  • Even now that Melle is old, even after all these years, she still thinks of that grave and the two of them together, Tor cradling Eirik in his arms, father and son.

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