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Midwinterblood Part 6, Chapter 8

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Part 6, Chapter 8

  • Okay, so problem solved, right? Not quite.
  • Tor was buried in the meadow under a mound with a pile of stones on top. He even got a proper funeral. He was still royal blood, right?
  • Melle thought that the bad times were over and they could all breath again.
  • Melle, to be clear, was wrong.
  • One day, a dog went crazy and its owner had to kill it before it could do more damage. Then, a cow started to moo like it was giving birth, only it wasn't giving birth.
  • Wulf realized that the animals were hanging out near Tor's grave. Just move them and everything would be fine.
  • The next morning, though, someone found a dead dog. This one looked like her throat had been ripped open and her blood drained out. Creepy.
  • The dried fish were rotting, the butter had gone sour, and that night, someone saw a dark figure moving around in the shadows. People said it was Tor.
  • One morning, Eirik and Melle woke to find people screaming over a slaughtered cow. On the side of the main hall someone had written "I want my children" in the cow's blood. Yikes.

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