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Midwinterblood Love

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Ah, love. Midwinterblood has clearly got romance written all over it. But unlike all your favorite romantic comedies, there will be no happily ever after for our two lovebirds. Even though Eric and Merle are fated to meet over and over again in each life, they are doomed to repeat the same sad cycles, too—almost as soon as they find each other, one of them gets lost again. But even with all that bummer news lurking over them, they manage to find happiness and joy in the few moments they share together. And that's the power of love.

Questions About Love

  1. Do you think that Eric and Merle's love is well developed? Why would this particular girl follow this particular guy all across space and time?
  2. The story of Erika and Merle raises the question, who can we love? What do you think the answer is?
  3. Eric Seven and Merle die together, but are united to "become love itself." What do you think of this? Can love keep us together even beyond the grave? How is this different than what Eric and Merle have shared up to this point?

Chew on This

Midwinterblood isn't really a love story. It's actually a mystery with a subplot about eternal love to spice things up.

The different kinds of love that Eric and Merle share—romantic, fraternal, parental, friendship—show that no one type of love is superior to any other.

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