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Missing May What's Up With the Ending?

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What's Up With the Ending?

The ending of Missing May is the first time we actually get to hear (or read) Aunt May's voice. After Summer and Uncle Ob give into their grief and cry it out, Summer goes to sleep and she has this dream about—or visitation from—Aunt May. Aunt May has all these loving last words to say to Summer:

I always told Ob he was my moon and sun. And when you came to us, Summer, honey, you were my shining star.

You are the best little girl I ever did know.

This ending—a sweet, heartfelt one—brings us back to the point that this story isn't really about death. We mean it is kind of about death, but mostly it's a story about love and how love can transcend death. Even though Aunt May is gone, she's still watching over Summer and Uncle Ob and sending them all her love, and from their place with the living, they're still loving her too.

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