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Missing May Writing Style

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Writing Style

Comfortably Country

Since Missing May is a book set in the backwoods of West Virginia and narrated by a twelve-year-old girl, it makes sense that the writing style is easy, conversational, and doesn't always follow all the grammatical rules. For example, when Summer describes the trailer we get a wonderful sense of how she thinks and how her surroundings have influenced her:

Home was, still is, a rusty old trailer stuck on the face of a mountain in Deep Water, in the heart of Fayette County. It looked to me, the first time, like a toy that God had been playing with and accidentally dropped out of heaven. Down and down and down it came and landed, thunk, on this mountain, sort of cockeyed and shaky and grateful to be all in one piece. (1.6)

Through the writing style, you really get a sense of Summer's voice and how her mind works. We also get a good sense of everyone else's voices.

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