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Missing May Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • When they arrive at the Spiritualist Church of Glen Meadows, they get some very bad news—it turns out that the spiritualist reverend who communes with the dead has joined the dead herself. She died last year.
  • Summer is flabbergasted and Uncle Ob is completely devastated. The man who tells them (the reverend's nephew) is very apologetic, but he can't do anything for them.
  • Instead of staying in Putnam County overnight like they'd planned, Uncle Ob says that they should just go home. They drive past the capitol again without stopping and Summer feels bad for Cletus—after all, this was his big chance to see the capitol.
  • When they get back to Deep Water though, Uncle Ob has a change of heart and turns around again. He says they might as well go to the capitol to see if they can track down the governor. He doesn't want to disappoint the kids, after all. Phew.

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