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Missing May Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • Summer feels like she can sense a change in Uncle Ob as they drive back toward the capitol. She thinks that he's decided to live again—and that makes her feel hopeful.
  • They go all the way through the capitol building touching and examining everything like gleeful kids, and then head over to the Science and Cultural Center next door.
  • After a full day of hanging out at the capitol, they head home to go to sleep. As they're walking in from the car, an owl flies overhead and Summer starts to cry—she sobs uncontrollably as she lets out all the grief she's felt for Aunt May.
  • Uncle Ob carries her inside and holds her, and she feels like she's more at peace after all her tears have been shed.
  • As Summer sleeps, she gets a message from Aunt May, who tells her how much she loved her and how much it meant to Aunt May and Uncle Ob that they had her. They wanted to give her everything and thought that she was the best little girl they'd ever known.

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