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Missing May Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

  • There's this weirdo kid at Summer's school named Cletus Underwood. He's always going through phases where he's obsessed with something, like potato chip bags, or spoons, or wrapping paper.
  • Apparently he's settled on pictures now. That's what he's newly obsessed with.
  • Uncle Ob's not as bothered by a weird kid as Summer is though, so he lets Cletus come over to sort through pictures with him.
  • Cletus is interested in pictures "with a story" so he's always pulling out random things from his suitcase (yes, he's a kid who carries a suitcase around) and showing them to Uncle Ob and Summer.
  • Even if Summer thinks that Cletus is weird and doesn't want to be his friend, she's grudgingly grateful for his existence. After all—at least he's keeping Uncle Ob entertained instead of letting him slip into depression.
  • Apparently May was a very religious woman and believes that they'll all end up together in heaven again. Summer doesn't know if she believes this because she feels like she already got to experience heaven when she first came to live with Uncle Ob and Aunt May.
  • Even though she's only a twelve-year-old kid, Summer feels like she's aged about fifty years since Aunt May died. Sad, right?

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